Merry Christmas from ICUK

Wishing all our customers a very Merry Christmas & prosperous New Year

As we look back over 2018 here are some of our key developments this year:

Leased Lines

  • Online cease functionality including minimum notice periods
  • Introduction of CityFibre leased lines
  • BT Wholesale wireless leased lines
  • Improved fault raising and tracking
  • Sky leased lines
  • Revamped leased line quoting tool
  • Revamped leased line routers


  • Simultaneous Annex M ADSL2+
  • Friendly name for broadband connections
  • Broadband session logs improvements
  • 1 month FTTC contracts available for BT Wholesale circuits
  • Custom broadband realms
  • All-new Broadband Checker
  • BT Wholesale G.Fast
  • Lower prices on BT Wholesale FTTP products
  • BT Wholesale FTTP on Demand (FTTPoD)
  • In-house speed test for broadband & leased lines

Line Rental & Calls

  • All-new direct integration into Openreach for WLR3
  • Visibility of the attending engineer name & number
  • Introduction of flexible appointments
  • Amend appointment for SIM FTTC orders
  • Track my engineer for line rental orders & faults
  • Line rental & simultaneous broadband provision all-in-one order
  • WLR fault tracking & engineering notes
  • Archive orders to reduce clutter

Infrastructure Maps

  • Distance measuring tool
  • CityFibre maps as well as Openreach
  • Visbility of BT Wholesale wireless locations and coverage reach
  • Line-of-sight checking tools
  • Leased line uptime heatmap
  • Virgin Media increase ECC Protection to £5000
  • Openreach EAD point-to-point leased line diagnostics
  • Bandwidth utilisation graphs


  • Leased Line API requests
  • Telecom and web hosting REST API requests

Hosting + Domains

  • FTP Access Restrictions including Timed "Allow All" Access
  • Stop domain name renewal reminders
  • Domain extension based spam filtering
  • Standard SSL certificates & lower pricing
  • All-new webmail for shared hosting
  • New fleet of dedicated server specifications


  • Control panel authentication logs
  • Account IP restrictions
  • Multi-device 2FA control
  • Glossary of terms
  • Help file structure
  • All-new service status & service alerts
  • Expire password on first login functionality

Due 2019

  • In-house developed SIP trunks & Hosted VoIP
  • Improved true resilience quoting tools for leased lines
  • All-new broadband fault raising and tracking tools
  • New leased line carriers
  • European network expansion

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